Just as the sun sets and the moon takes her place,
This night we find ourselves in is only as young as we make it,
So lets drink to chances never taken and words never spoken,
All afraid to take a leap (But they are for the faithful, and I know I am not).

We sway and dance around our feelings,
Afraid that one word can destroy this fragile pretense of friendship,
But the liquor passing my lips destroys my rational thought,
And I am left with the feelings and sensations and actions of a girl without a care.

The pounding in my head and my heart make me dance,
Laughing and spinning, light on a feeling I’ll never know,
Smiling up at the stars and her stories.
I find you under the night sky, eyes drawn up, hooded in wonder,
And we fall into an easy pattern, needing a little more to push us over the edge.

Your eyes shine in the moonlight, as we drift closer,
I know the alcohol flowing through your veins is strong,
Giving you a confidence I don’t see in the sun,
But we have so much of the night left to explore, and,
It’s not just the rum that’s making my head spin,
As you kiss me, so soundly I can hear nothing but the hangover soon to come.
I haven’t drunk enough to think this was a good idea, yet,
So lets throw back one more shot for good luck,
And hope that when we wake in the morning, our bodies will forgive for our sins.

So when the sun kisses us and we are sedated from the aftermath,
Let us know that these feelings we dove into were pure and wanted.
But once the sun is fully settled in the sky,
Sober up and watch me fly, watch me fall,
Because there is nothing more tragic than a bird who’s afraid to fly,
Scared of the dangers and wonders only found in the sky above.
Yet, to fall is have the fun when it comes to flying,
Or so a little birdie has sung to me.

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