each poison

Each poison has its place,
Some make me loopy,
Grinning from ear to ear,
Slurring words of soft spoken poetry,
Comparing you to the sun in the middle of the night…

Some toxins make me crossed eyed,
Angry, sad, confused and the words that spit out my mouth,
They’re harsh and clipped,
Loaded and ready to fire at the first attack,
Never caring to think they could never be taken back…

Some make me hazy,
As though truly drunk on the drugs swimming in my veins,
I walk daze and lightheaded,
A dreamlike buzz, I blink you into my orbit,
High on the touch of you, of your lips on mine, of another’s fingers trailing…

Others make me silent,
Stealing the words out my mouth,
Silent as the grave,
Because there is nothing more to say to you,
If you weren’t listening to me before,
The solemn graves in my heart won’t capture your attention…

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