my grudges (set afire)

My grudges keep me warm at night,
I cling to them as something that I can hold,
Because they seem to be the only thing that’s real in this distance between me and you,
Are we so focused on the lens that we can only see the smudges?
They’re that distracting that it blinds us to everything else,
And we use it as an excuse to never change
So I guess we’re only left with the passion we used to chase,
And the anger we create in the mess we created for ourselves,
I’m tired of going to sleep angry,
But it seems to be the only thing that keeps this love alive,
For it’s the only thing that creates sparks,
This anger, this fire,
Reminds us of the times we ignited each other,
In things others than rage fires,
Do we have anything left to cling to that’s worth saving?
Because from the ashes it’s hard to see what kept this fire burning for so long…

7 thoughts on “my grudges (set afire)

  1. taurusingemini says:

    Sometimes we hold on, too tightly to that grudge, believing that, it’ll affect that certain someone who made us upset, but in the end, we are, only making it, harder, on our selves, because our grudges, have no affect on that other person…

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