we’ve moved on…?

My lips stained your cheek,
At my attempt at goodbye
Hoping you would take a piece of me as you left,
Or as I left,
To this day I can’t remember which one of us left first,
Does it even matter?

I still think about you,
On random days, with random triggers,
And it bothers me that you still creep into my mind,
I’m happy, I’ve moved on from the love we created together,
Learned, forgave and accepted we were what had happened,
But still,
You manage to infiltrate,
And it bothers me I still think about you when I don’t want to.

Do you still think about me too?
I wonder this even though I won’t say it aloud,
But I see you haunting my posts,
Checking my stories, creeping around my page.
I wonder if I still have a hold on you even now,
That you’ve moved on too.
I wonder….

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