tied freedom

I’m tied to the freedom you brought,
The way you lived so carelessly,
Taking risks and following your dreams,
Even when that meant falling hard
Crashing and burning,
You always found a way to bounce back,
Recovering from the burns and doubt,
And fought to be right back at the top,
Never knowing who you’d grab for the fall to come,
Not caring who you took down with you as you went over the edge,
You were so high,
Higher than I’d ever seen you,
I had to cover my eyes when I looked up.
And I guess the sunlight blinded,
Or I was too enthralled with the charisma of you
That I thought I was special when you choose me to fall with,
I went willingly over the cliff, smiling and laughing at the thrill,
Mirroring you.
And now…Now I’m left at the bottom,
Broken and mess,
I can’t feel the sunshine from down here,
Tied down to the freedom you made look painless.
You took when I wasn’t ready to fly,
And now you’re nowhere to be found from the ground.

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