i took a chance

I took a chance and I wish it paid off,
Maybe it did, in some ways,
Gambled my love, my fate, away on the luck of a draw
And it came back to me in the glare of the neon lights,
Under the guise of a lover who cared
A lover who was you, and everything you weren’t
(you were never in my cards,
you just threw yourself into every strangers eye I caught )

I think I needed this random encounter,
This meeting of chance,
Taking away my will and focus,
Remotely finding the easiest way to play me for all my worth,
Stripping me of my fortune, though we all know that was laughable,
I wasn’t worth much,
A couple of dimes,
A few pretty pictures,

But I thought you saw more,
Saw me as this untouchable thing,
In Providence, a goddess with everything you desired.
Destiny found her way to us and intertwined us together,
I thought so highly, it’s only funny I fell so trivially,
Falling on every jab and sharp comment that came my way
My luck had to run out eventually,
Destiny had to call it quits on a fallen heart,
Diamonds can only withstand so much pressure before they crack,
And now I’m left with a spade of the chance we could have been,




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