unholy fires

She has nothing to do with me;
Yet, I make it a point to find comparisons
Ways that I can weave a similarity out of silver thread,
And make a whole story as to why you think this way,
As to why I think this way,
Because we know I’m the problem,
My creative mind and her insecurities,
She has a hold on me the way no one ever will,
Don’t get me wrong,
You’re no saint in this unholy union,
And your sins could drag me down just as fast,
But my fires have a way of engulfing the whole of us
And leaving the remains in its ashes,
Not even strong enough for the embers to find a rekindle,
And that scares me,
Because I can always find a root to this burn out,
She had the power to ignite us, and smother indefinitely,
And that shouldn’t be, she shouldn’t be a sun on our good days,
Nor the clouds on our bad,
I give her power, because she holds it over me,
But she shouldn’t over us,
And I have problems separating the two,
Comparisons and confidences be damned,
I can’t stop; it’s too much for the fragile heart of mine,
So I let the fires engulf what remains our future, our hopes, trust and love,
And then have the nerve to question if you ever loved me as strongly as the fires that destroyed us.

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