the inside of me

I wonder if the inside of me looks the way I imagine,
Is it sweet, justified and willing to hear all sides of the story?
Does my skin cover my sympathy and my empathy in one finger?
Or are different parts assigned to different emotions,
Does my heart beat the same?
Or does it bleed all over my sleeves when exposed so often,
I wish I knew,
Though I feel like I do,
How can I imagine it any differently?
It’s like faith,
Present when you pray feverishly,
But when you stare to hard, or call it by name,
It vanishes in front of your eyes,
Leaving a trace of what you once felt,
Left clinging to the space between the ribs,
As though a real pain guts you,
I wonder…
I wonder if you think I’m the same person I view myself as,
Do we both see me as a lover, as a person to share your secrets with?
Tight vault, locked by your key,
Do we both see a lover scorned by fires she wasn’t ready to hold?
Do you trace the scars the way I do?
Lovingly and misty eyed,
I wonder these things so much,
And so little, is it possibly to think with both sides of your brain,
Maybe that’s why I’m going crazy,
Too many thoughts running free,
But…I wonder why I see myself one way, and you another,
Perhaps, this is why we can see ourselves in our full capacity,
Too much to contain and to much to absorb in one glance,
I wonder if I look the way you think I do…

12 thoughts on “the inside of me

  1. taurusingemini says:

    the key in finding out who we are on the inside, is by tuning everybody else out, dig deep, into ourselves, find what defines us, what drives us, and, after we’d become stabilized, meaning that nothing from the outside can, affect us so much so we are willing to, alter our beliefs, then, we’re, there, we’d, finally, found, our, selves…

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