(proposed) vows

You stole my voice, my breath, in the same sentence,
I was shocked,
Teary and hollow,
Because I still can’t believe it,
Not even with the proof staring back at me,
Through your eyes, through the light as it reflects off its surface,
The stars sparkled silently as they gazed down on us,
And the water quietly lapped at the shores,
Waiting to hear the next words that would be whispered in the night
And as the hours faded, and minutes bleed into each other,
I heard the words I dreamed,
But my dreams never could prepare me for a reality like this,
I laughed, cried
Was blinded to the one moment I now have burned into my memory,
So I asked, again and again, (always)
Will you ask me again, just one more time,
For the rest of your (my) life,
“Will you be mine?”
(I do. Yes. Always.)

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