to feel wonder (like you)

There’s a jolt, a reckoning in me,
When I look into your eyes,
Admiration and awe and horror and amazement,
Is it possible to feel all these things at once?
So helpless to this sensation,
I whisper secrets until I can’t breathe,
Eager to trace the stars that dance before my eyes,
So close to grasping what imagined…
Curiosity killed something; I was told,
And I can’t seem to keep my wondering eyes away from this fascination,
So perplexed I marvel over the need to be seen,
And it’s you,
The thing that sees me for me,
But, I’m scared; you won’t like what you find,
Because as charming as I seem,
My demons haven’t found any reverence between these prayers,
They seem fond of the chaos I bring on my own,
But they don’t live in the exceptions you have for me,
So I cast them aside as much as I can,
And cling to that jolt I feel when you look at me,
All these emotions rolled into one, I wonder,
What it is to feel wonder like you…?
Do you feel a jolt, a reckoning inside when you see me…

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