love bites in the dark

I do not want to know your dreams, nor who you are outside these four walls,
All I need is your moans in my ears, love bites dancing along my hips,
Your fingers caresses the most intimate part of my body,
Waiting for a touch of magic to send me over the edge.

So take me deep and pull my hair hard,
And I will arch and scream in a way only a lover could,
Not knowing our lives outside this moment.
Take me down, mouth on me and teeth biting hard,
Little love marks that seem to dance in the dark.
Let me know there is no other but you that will make be squirm this way,
And on my knees I will open wide for you,
Ready to take in your taboo and sin, cock and all.

Sex with a stranger is thrilling and unsettling,
With just the right amount of danger to turn me on,
So look at me with eyes that do not know who I am,
Nor the personality traits I carry and let me sink into you,
Pussy wet, cock hard, let us fuck ourselves raw,
Until I see stars and groans are the only sounds you can make,
So scandalous, our love trapped in between reality and fantasy,
But I’ve made too many errors to be trapped by your glorified love.

20 thoughts on “love bites in the dark

  1. charlypriest says:

    “So take me deep and pull my hair hard”…. Jesus woman! You are…. well actually it was hot, how do people make it a hot poem, or read, just make it sensual yet this one was a bit more than ther usual sensual, but you managed to make it flow and nicely without being over the top but again you went over the top but made a comfortable read. I got confused with my comment as you can read, hope you do read it that is.
    Did you study literature? Did you take courses or something or it just comes natural to you?
    Just me, curious

    Liked by 1 person

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