Is it exhausting,
Looking for excuses,
Looking for anything to make you not look like an asshole,
The type of guy, who walks away when things get hard,
Who can stick around as the side effects take hold…
Is it hard?
Sleeping so soundly while the rest of me bleeds,
Clinging to the promises you feed me while intoxicated,
I drank it all,
I wasn’t looking for any of this,
But you crashed into me,
And I had no choice but to help you up off the sidewalk
Clean you up, sober and bright eyed,Didn’t know that was part of your charm to entice
me further,
Down and down,
I ended up sprawled on that same side walk,
Watching you pick yourself up and walk away,
Leaving me to clean up the mess you left me in.

10 thoughts on “sidewalks

  1. Spiral Artist says:

    It’s not. Not by a long shot – because essence of life, for someone like this, is to make those excuses. To never stick through the thick and the thin but instead to just vanish when the going gets tough.

    Wonderful piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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