letters from an airport

Letters from the airport,
Written in haste, desperate,
Last words penned with tearstains and heart breaks,
Forgotten words from an unforgettable moment in their lives,
I wrote to you once in here,
On a whim,
With nothing left to say, and everything to lose,
I wrote my thoughts and feelings on a napkin from the bar I sat at,
And it was the most honest and raw letter I ever wrote,

Maybe it was the scenery,
The fact that I was leaving this place,
And there was no way you’d find me hidden in the back of the neon glare,
I wonder what you’ll think,
When you read this,
Will it change anything?
I guess I’ll never know,
And maybe that’s the appeal,
Ill never know until you decide to tell me otherwise,
I have to go now,
Can’t miss my flight,
How awkward would that be after all this?

(I’ll make sure to glance out the window one last time,
in case you come running after me)

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