i came out today

I came out today,
To someone random,
As though the weight of their opinion mattered,
And it was liberating,
They smile and questioned me with their eyes,
Why do they care?
Because they don’t, it matters nothing to them,
And god, it was divine,
To come out today.

I came out today,
To myself,
And it was nothing new,
I knew this part of me, as much as I denied it,
It was ingrained into my soul, my heart,
But it takes such courage to confront it,
Why, I’ll never know.
But I came out to myself,
Said it aloud for no one to hear,
And I loved the silence that echoed from the lack of anything to rebut.

I came out today,
To you,
And I was terrified,
Because it meant everything
And yet nothing, because you’re reaction wouldn’t change me,
But it would damage me,
Depending on the words you chose to let spill from your mouth,
I sat in silence,
Waiting for my forever, my ‘everything after this moment’ to set in,
And it never came,
You were speechless, not for lack of opinion
But because it had no place here,
I came out to you,
And everything changed after that,
And the silence from our liberations defined us.

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