They all came out,
Lined with smiles and hollows wishes of happiness,
Do they know about us?
How we settled, how we couldn’t move one,
Because we’re afraid this is the best we’ll ever have.
No one will love me like you do,
And you’ll never find a girl who knows you,
Truly, the way I do,
And that makes you afraid,
And has me blind with love in my eyes,
Because we both froze in a place where we saw the best of each other,
But that was all it could ever be,
A moment in time,
Because life moves on, too fast for us to remain the people we were when we met,
But yet…
They call; they shout our names as though we were revered for the night,
And maybe that’s it,
Is this was the rest of my life looks like.
Blurry faces, running towards the next thing,
Trying to find the time when we looked at each other without a hollow heart.

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