How we hide behind our lights and photos,
Making what we feel with how we want others to see us,
Must be one of those days,
Because I can’t stop laughing as the tears stream down my face,
The lights cascading off my cheeks,
Illuminating the way my smile blossoms on my face,
You can see how my cheeks hurt,
But my eyes are tired
So allow me this moment to pretend,
To hide with props and a little magic,
Capture me from this side,
Let the lights shine enough to distract,
And take this chance to freeze time,
Script it to your narrative,
And make them see me.

2 thoughts on “

    • awriterssoulblog says:

      It’s like the saying, Japanese I believe. We all have three faces; one we show the world , one we show those closer to us and one we only allow ourselves to see. Who can say which is the real, true you?


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