darker thoughts

Is this something to follow me forever?
Have me looking over my shoulder,
Waiting for the next tragedy to strike,
The next colossal thing to close in and take over,
Some days I think I’m stronger,
Able to beat it with positive vibes and outta sight, outta mind,
Then there are days,
Where I can’t help but wander back,
Imagine all the things I’d say if I could,
The scenarios in my head are rich and dark,
And I let them slumber, cast them aside until they threaten to implode,
And I secretly can’t wait.
Hovering over me,
It takes control when I’m at my lowest,
Or when I’m at my best, to remind me what I’ve had, what I lost,
Is this just to remind me, keep me humble?
How it follows me though,
In the dark,
In the sun, though small and shrunken,
But it’s there, following me,
Always something there to remind me…


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