burning bridges

Here we are again,
At the same crossroads we thought to have burned by now,
Or at least told ourselves we would,
But it’s the same fight,
The same apologizes,
Spilling from us as though they hold the answer,
The same we’ve come to before, again and again,
The same way we trip over the words that have left our mouths dozens of times before,
Though it seems we only hear what we want,
Can only listen to our own selfishness,
Hold a match to the bridges that lead us down this path,
We never fail to hold onto them,
If only to prove the other wrong,
That fire cannot erase the wrongs we felt,
We built these bridges with tinsel and broken reminders of what we wanted
Of ways to ruin these crossroads,
So that they would never present themselves to us,
Here we are, at a fork in the road,
Deciding to cross our bridge as though we don’t know the dangers that lie beneath.

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