I used to love the attention,
This used to my favorite pass time,
Spoken to like queen,
Worshiped and treat as though they were never worthy,
And they weren’t.

I used to love the attention…and at times I miss it,
I won’t lie,
It was nice to be revered by a stranger,
They knew nothing of me, and found appeal within first sight,
You did too, at one time,
We crashed into each other,
Life throwing our curve ball,
And we’re both surprised we made it to where we are,


We became familiar,

And while I love the intimacy we created,
Some days I miss the attention of strangers,
If only because it reminded me I had at once caught the eyes of someone who didn’t know my faults, and it lead to us…

Or maybe I wish the attention came from you,
That our mundane patterns sparked excitement and crawled into the unknown,
Where I didn’t know your secrets,And you spoke to me like a spirit; afraid I would vanish in a heartbeat.
I used love the attention, or maybe I’m jut missing that certain kind of attention from the person right in front of me.

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