forever looking back

It’s as though something holds me back,
I know, I know all I have to do it push, fall,
Stumble into what’s in front of me,
I imagine it thousands of times,
But…my reality has me rooted in the same place
Unwilling to make a move without you,
Paradise staring back at me,
And all I can think of is you,
I think I’m lost,
Maybe I’m not suppose to be here, not yet,
Not when I can’t seem to cross this line, away from you,
Why…why aren’t you here?
Where are you if you aren’t waiting for me on the other side,
I’m standing on the platform,
Watching the world revolve and lifetimes end
I keep turning around, hoping to find you standing there,
And that is my greatest torture,
Forever looking back…

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