talking to the moon

I talk to the moon at night
There she is,
Hidden in the clouds,
Just peaking through, her light shining dimly in the darkness,
She is shy, unwilling to move further than where she is,
Drawn to the shelter the clouds give her,
It is not her time, she is waning,
Softly lite but only for so long,
Until the sun comes up and pushes her down,
Letting her heal and gather herself until the darkness takes over.
Although I cannot see her
I feel her presence even now
A slight pull on my soul,  grasping at my core
Pushing and pulling my heart in waves
She is so weak now, yet enduring, persevering
Knowing, hoping in time she shall rise again
Showing the world in her luminous radiance
Chasing dark clouds of personal fears, daring again to be seen, felt, heard
I feel so fondly and deeply for her
Even now while she is hidden
Is it selfish for me to dare to wonder if she feels me too
Or are we just described to pass each other by
I am content to be peacefully aware of this
Yet question if it is in the realm of possibility
For her to be my moon and I her sea.
And the moon talks back to me,
I’m here, i see you for loving me and gazing up at me,
I wish I could say everything to you and more,
But our love together is silent,
Much like the stars that surround and the sky that pulls us close,
We are connected by the things that keep the earth in balance,
And cannot stray far from the path we set ourselves upon.


this was written with Dean  As part of my collab series and
Please check out this blog he has some amazing pieces that I know you guys will enjoy! He was a great writer to work with and we really connected!

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