a broken tale..

am i not allowed to miss you
am i not allowed to feel
am i not allowed to say i loved you
for what i felt for you was real
i know the words you cut me with
were never meant for me
i just wish you knew how much i cared
how much i wanted it just to be 

I wish You would say the words I need To hear,
A thought, a kind gesture can go a long way
Even I love you, deep and full of that emotion we can never name,
Coming from you would take my breath away.
We have our differences, or issues that come to life only in the chaos of a storm,
And I wanted that passion, as crazy as a hurricane without The destruction.
But opposites are suppose to attract.
So what happened to us?

were we destined for more
than just a love ignited by desire
or had we succumbed to our fate
and left to burn tragically within the raging fire 
it ended before it started
it rips me up to say 
yet another tale to read 
another tale for the broken hearted

This was co-written with Ryan Drewes (he’s italicized), check him out on in Instagram @ryan.j.drewes
This guy is amazing and our writing flowed so well I had to share it as is, almost completely unedited ! Let me know what you guys think !


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