Breath ragged,
Pants loudly ring in the silence,
We fought, harsh and heavy,
The weight of it still lingering in the air,
Thick and haunting,
And I can’t help the desire that stings,
All I can think of getting you underneath me,
Proving my point as I have you moaning and rocking against me,
Needing to fill this ache growing inside,

All I can think of is you inside me.

Knowing the anger is still there,
I bite, you hiss and we toss and turn in the sheets for dominance,
So excited, so eager to prove ourselves we get lost in the haze,
The lust building and the raw emotion spills out,
Building and simmering,
Heat explodes in so many ways,
The darkness stings as stars explode in my vision,
And all I can see is love.
And you.

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