In the dark

You look so pretty in the dark,

Tuck safely away in my sheets,

As though not a care in the world could touch you. Wrapped in the safety of a blanket.

Such innocence in my bed, bathed in the glow of the night and the neon that lights the room in a dim blue.

So pretty when I can’t see your flaws , just a silhouette of perfection. Outlining the fantasy I created in my nightmares.

Such innocent features. Or so I imagine, for I let my thoughts twist and turn. To create my fantasy amongst a stagnant reality.

What would it be like. To watch the your head roll, eyes fluttering. To like the tears off your cheeks as though they were a delicacy. To caress your hair as if turn crimson….your body slowly losing control…

Such an intimate vision, both in front of me and what plays in my head…

So innocent here in the dark

Would you think me too? If you were able to see…hovering like a shadow

You look so pretty in the dark…

When you think know one is watching.

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