cycles circling

I wish I didn’t miss you,
Or I wish I did,
I can never tell anymore,
Because I can go days, weeks, months even without you ever crossing my mind,
And yet one thought…

One scenario will have me spiraling out of control,
And then you consume me.
You become all I think about,
I check in, stalk, anything to see what you’re doing,
Am I still on your mind?
Do thoughts of me consume you the way they do me?
It’s holding us back,
Me, back…
Why does the cycle circle back every time?

I wish…

I don’t even know what I wish anymore,
Maybe to forget you,
Maybe that I never met you,
But we both know that would make me a liar,
And I would never wish to be that.

24 thoughts on “cycles circling

  1. Robin Smith says:

    It’s ok still to love people who may not love back, or who still do but when being together wouldn’t work for other reasons. It hurts, but less over time, and long-term more love for more people is only a good thing.

    Since my mind always goes on tangents, this was a major reason to reduce online connectedness for me. Because that makes this situation so much harder.

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