riding your wave

Lost with you, the weight of your love can be crushing,

Drunk and drowning.

I’m not sure if I can ride this wave to its shore,
It’s rising higher and higher,
The tides swaying and crashing too fast for me to hold on to,
Afraid I wont be able to make it with out being crushing under its crest,

The salt from your kisses reminds me of the sea.
Back and forth, we push and pull each other.
Never knowing which one it will take to pull us to that part, from which we can never return,

The moon looks beautiful from the waters, clear and unshaken,
What it must be like,
To reach out and touch her…
Hold on so tightly and never be tempted by the pull of the tides below,
We’re far past that now,
Giving into the temptation,
Our moon is just out of reach,
Temptation at its finest,
And I sail away on the thought of riding your tides to the shore,

Drunk and drowning,

I cling to the thoughts of a washed up love,
Or a love that will be waiting for me to reach the shores,
And caress me in the gentle waves,
Foaming and salty,
Rising with every inhale,
I fall into your current,
Letting myself be washed away with each scratch against the sand,
And find myself lost at sea with only the thought of you…

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