what do I call you?

What do I call you now?
After everything we’ve been through,
And we love, god we love hard,
Passionate and crazy and insane,
But we love,
And still, I feel like we’ve fallen short of something great,
Or maybe we feel in love,
The kind that they write ballads about,
Sad words forming poetry and music.

Falling the harder we feel,
With our routine, our banter,
Our crazy, our way of love
And who’s to say its wrong.
Cause you, you’re…I can’t even type the things you mean to me.
My everything, my person,

What do I call you,
When you’ve been everything I need,
And everything I thought I didn’t.
From the times we fight, cry and scream,
And I forget why I love you has hard as I do,
What do I call you, how can I reach you,
After our love had come to and end,|
But we know it never will,

What do I call you,

How will you answer my cries…?
I hope, I pray your soul recognizes mine,

And I call you home.


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