Do you ever miss it?
That feeling of falling in love?
Or maybe the feeling of that first new love,
When it was fresh and mysterious and fluttering,
Still tempting with the allure of passion and the unknown of a tomorrow,
But now, we’ve fallen into each other,
We know everything,
Good, the bad, my needy and your pride,
Why don’t we continue to fall in love?
Is there a limit to what we chose in love?
Why limit yourself,
Fall in love with yourself everyday,
Fall in love with everything you choose,
My love, my life,
I choose to fall in love with you everyday,
Again and again,
After every fight,
Every mean word we let slide in anger,
I promise to keep you by my side even when we aren’t talking,
Because I only want to spend my life with you,
Take your time, and you can keep my heart,
And in that we can find our forever.

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