little Obessions

I try,
So fucking hard,
All the damn time,
But you’re all I can think about,
Even when I don’t want to
Your demon sneaks into my thoughts,
Invading my fantasy of us,
Reminding me that we can’t have what we want
What I want,
God, what I wouldn’t give to have you in my arms,
Mine, all mine,
I try, god how I try,
But I can’t let anyone else compare,
Because no one makes me feel like you,
I’m salivating, all hot and bothered by the little fantasies my mind creates for you.
No one can compare. Ever.
I try and try and try but secretly I never want this to fade,
I need this obsession, this love (yes, that sounds nicer),
It keeps me on my toes,
Like there’s secret only I can keep,
And I feed the demons every time,
Eager to keep them sedated, but only so much,
I try, (or I don’t),
Either way, you’re all I can think of, all I need,
So why don’t you come on over my way and we can see how much you can take.

9 thoughts on “little Obessions

  1. My Inner Storm says:

    It is the hardest when one touches you the deepest, yet, nothing can happen from it. It is a demon of its on merit. The fact that it can consume you completely, and that no one else will ever understand how attached to the core of our being it feels.

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