Hollowed faces

Hollowed faces at every corner,

Stalking me in the shadows, of my head,

Filling me with the fear of doubt and the haunts of my past. Let me be, I can’t keep looking over my shoulder for you.

Hollowed eyes, worse than the hollowed faces I see, nothing staring back but the regrets and shame.

I see you in the reflections of everything I do. I wish I couldn’t , didn’t, but that’s not my reality.

Out, out, out!!

I cant stand the noise you bring. Or worse, the silence that sits behind the states, the reflections, it’s all too much

So tonight please, let me fall into bed, let my head rest upon the pillow and my mind drift away Into nothingness. Let me rest my tired eyes, the chaos of my head lulled to nothing.

Let me not see the hollowed faces that stare back.

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