hazy dreams

I wish I could wake you up,
Help you to see life past this dream,
This fantasy you created in the wake of your sad reality,

I wish I could show you,
The way my reality is perceived,
But, to my eye, beholden of the truth,
Or maybe, your truth,
You see no need to awake from the visions that blissfully flash across your mind,

I wish I could show you,
Maybe had I gotten the chance too,
Without the influence of others,
Without your hands ever leaving your side,
I could have made you see the visions I see,
The reality that calls me to wake,
Eyes open and ready to soak in the images,
Visions so blissful in their own right you never dream of waking yourself.
Now isn’t that the most blissful ignorance you’ve dreamed.

18 thoughts on “hazy dreams

  1. taurusingemini says:

    Sometimes it’s really hard,to wake someone else up, especially when the person had been in a state of dormancy too long, and sometimes, you just have to wait for things to wear off, you can’t wake someone up, it s/he chooses to stay asleep…

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