tell me

Tell me,
What is it about me that makes you love me?
Because some days I can’t see it,
When I’m at my lowest,
When I push you away to spite myself, to spite us,

How can you still see the love that shines?
How can you repeat I love you to me like a mantra?
I try, I struggle on these days,

Because my head is ready to fight, to argue,
But my heart melts with the sweet words that pour out of that mouth,
Devil in disguise, my angel in the shadow,

Tell me,

How can you love me when I’m at my lowest?
When all I can think of is making it out alive, with or without you?

18 thoughts on “tell me

  1. taurusingemini says:

    Loving someone is accepting the best, the worst, and everything in-between about her/him, and, if someone only likes you when you’re having your sunnier days, and not your rainy ones, then, s/he doesn’t, really, truly, love you.

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