glimmering shades

Oh, I see you in the way the light fades,
And I love thoughts that fall into place,
Because I’ll never be able to stop,
You’ve changed,
And so have I,
The years have been good to both of us,
Distance proved more a blessing than a fault,
And I can see the glimmer of that light behind your eyes,
Of what we once were,
Of how we could be,
Don’t close your eyes now baby,

The stars only fade when you find a false light to guide you,
But I wishing on those that have fallen,
Because we can’t go back to who we were,
It’s not fair,

To the people we struggled to become,
To the ones who make us better,
And that light will always find me in the darkest of places,
But I no longer cling to it when times get tough,
Or when I need a body to keep me comfort through the long nights.

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