Anti muse

Oh here you are again,

My lovely anti-muse

Here to take away my inspiration, to block my thoughts as quickly as they come. Emotions run rampant but can never leave my mind, my heart.

Here you are again,

Ready to stop me again. Keep me trapped my my thoughts that you never seem to understand.

My dear dear anti-muse, why can’t I write?

Why can’t I get these thoughts out? For a special reason, for my own good? I never find the inspiration I need with you.

And maybe that’s it’s own inspiration, a muse to protect me from myself….

3 thoughts on “Anti muse

  1. Natalia Corres says:

    Hi, I’ve started a podcast called “Serroc’s Poetry Slam” at, I would love for you to be on one of the episodes. If you are interested in doing a reading of one of your poems, please contact me natalia at serroc dot com. I can set up a conference call and record your reading/interview. Let me know…I’ve been enjoying your poetry for awhile now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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