Dearly departed

Is it time for us to say goodbye?

Maybe for the best, I can’t stand to be here much longer.

We’ve drifted, don’t say you don’t see it, can’t feel it in your heart.

I cry, for you, for us, for what we could have been had we not lost ourselves in this.

Is it time for us to say it….to commit to these parting words?

My dearly departed. My lover, the one I called mine…this can’t continue, this can’t, I no longer know how to pretend.

Too much effort, too much fake smiles and hollowed eyes, no longer filled with affection or laughter. Too much to force ourselves to feel what we’ve lost. Or maybe never had at all.

Goodbye my lover, my dearly departed, take with you what you must, but leave some pieces of my heart as you go.

3 thoughts on “Dearly departed

  1. Victor Enesi says:

    …had we not lost ourselves in this.

    Beautiful words, so true. Love can make you do that, lose yourself. So hard to hold on to some identity in love. That’s why people say love is overrated. Instead, find someone you connect with mentality. That way, there’d be no need to lose yourself.

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  2. taurusingemini says:

    We all need to mourn, for that, lost love, for the death that’s left us, with holes inside, but through time, and as we work on bettering ourselves, we are slowly, on the path, of, getting better…


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