Do you ever think of what if?

What if we never met, and I never called you mine. If we never Crossed paths, remaining strangers who smiled in passing.

What if we never fell hard? So hard we stumble, falling fast and losing pieces of ourselves on the way. What if we needed to keep those pieces ? What if that path was meant to take us down a different road of hearts ?

I fell yes, trailing A litter of broken hearts behind me. Pieces of me changed, bruised and broken, some cracked into a million pieces, and yet we still found each other.

Maybe those scattered pieces lead you to me. Or me to you. It’s hard to say when fate plays a hand.

What if, such a funny game we play. What if it all never happened. I pray we never Find out, in this life or our next.

Because fate determined you’d find me. And there is never any doubt.

4 thoughts on “Trailing

  1. Lij Stephenson says:

    It is your broken pieces left like breadcrumbs that led me through dark terrain to your light….

    I walked hard roads ,
    collecting each piece,
    hard roads have the best views…

    Now that we’ve found each other ,
    hold my hand ,
    make no promises…let’s just bask in what is ..
    not what ifs.

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