It’s how I start the sentence,
Mouth opening and closing,
I know what I want to say,
But the only word that comes out is the first.
Afraid to finish my sentence,

Why…I couldn’t tell you.
Maybe I’m afraid of how you’ll see my after everything is said,
Maybe I can’t put the feelings into words,
That makes them true,
Makes the hurt and anger and helplessness real.
And maybe,
I can’t handle that.
Maybe I can’t deal,

Maybe this isn’t what I thought it to be,
And maybe I was wrong,
But you’ll never hear me utter those words,
Because maybe is the word that stops me every time,
The thing that makes me swallow the words that follow,
Every time…

10 thoughts on “maybe…

  1. davidjhopcroft says:

    To be positive, say what we feel, what we think, to be honest often scares people because we are afraid of their reaction. Yet if we fear reaction then has the relationship any value? Maybe is like a ‘get-out clause’ pretending you may or may not agree with what you want to say, you will see what the reaction is first.

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