What is it to you?

It’s the thing that keeps you up at night,

Jolting from your bed, eyes wide is a panic, Blindly search the darkness for something to cling to.

You’re quite. The only thing you hear, feel, is the pounding of your heart, the tremors that you can’t seem to shake.

A thrill you hate, but relish in it every time.

It’s the thing that won’t let you fall back to sleep, still thinking still wondering. It’s grips your mind and you can’t stray for long.

It’s the thing that has you staring into the darkness. The same one you cling to when you’re blinded, if only for your sanity. Tearing at a piece of mind. Your peace.

It’s the thing that…the thing you can’t let go of, because you don’t want to. Well, want is a strong word. You don’t let go. Because what if you can’t get it back.

It’s the thing you don’t know what you’ll do without.

What is it to you?

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