(a) love: noun. a feeling you can’t describe

perhaps it’s the way you catch me staring

Or maybe the way I can’t seem to take my eyes off you. It could be anything. Yet I can’t seem to put it into words.

It’s so cliched; you light up a room, or I smile whenever I think about you. Whether you’re there to see it or not. It’s dumb really, how excited I get when I have something to share with you. Or how you have this one smile that you save for me. Or how I get butterflies when I’m the reason for it.

Really, I should have better things to focus on. You shouldn’t consume my thoughts so much, after all this time.

It’s funny, but it’s true. You’re always on my mind. Good or bad. Even when I don’t know wether to strangle or kiss you.

I want to keep smiling and laughing with you. Dancing and scowling when you step on my feet. Rolling my eyes whenever we disagree. But that smile always tugs at my lips.

In every way, I never want to stop loving you. In this moment, in this life.

Perhaps it’s the way we always catch glimpses of each other, slightly smiling with that knowing look in our eyes…

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