those 3AM calls

Those three AM calls kill me,
I wish I wasn’t awake,
In the middle of the night,
Listening to the silence,
Waiting for you to ring me up,
Saying I miss you, I need you,
And I wish I didn’t get excited,
Wishing my body didn’t clench at the thought of you,
So late in the morning, calling me,
Asking me to ease your loneliness,
I’m ashamed I cave so easily,
Climbing up and down your body,
In an attempt to please you because I think it will please me,
And I wish I didn’t have your contact anymore,
Wish I didn’t know those numbers, vaguely,
Asking me wyd?
Asking me to sacrifice myself just once more for a feeling,
And I wish I didn’t,
But those three AM calls kill me,
And I can’t let myself keep going under anymore.

8 thoughts on “those 3AM calls

  1. davidjhopcroft says:

    “Asking me wyd?” I think you mean why 🙂 The pattern shows how words just gush and flow when you write. Love that about your writing. Many relationships have ended with the hope one will return. Fortunately, when I go to bed I end up sleeping like a log, so I don’t have to worry about such feelings. Have a wonderful day 🙂 🙂

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