me between you

“You’re the only voice my heart can recognize”
How crazy that is,
To have found you,
Had you,
And let you slip form my fingers,
How can I pretend this wasn’t once my reality?
I can’t let it go,
No matter how I wish I did,
(But we both no I would never)
I’ll never be the same after you.

And I hate that.

But you,
How could you have just walked away from me?
Like everything we built was a lie,
As though it was created in a dream.
I called out to you,
Screamed and shouted and begged you to see me,
But you came and took what you needed in my moments,
And then you were gone,
Like a dream I’m still struggling to recall.

And I hate that I’m still trying to remember who I was before you and with you.

20 thoughts on “me between you

  1. twisted thoughts says:

    This is what happened to my brother who cared for his wife during her fight with breast cancer. In The end when he became sick she sold the house, she’d inherited from her father, out from under my brother when he became sick. With severe lung and heart damage he has maybe two years left to live. And he never received a penny from the sale of their home.

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  2. davidjhopcroft says:

    Those tormented moments when a relationship ends and there is a feeling you might have been used. You keep wondering whether to blame yourself in some way. I think the photograph sums up the missing part, an empty bed beside you 🙂

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  3. Vihani says:

    Sometimes people come to our lives to teach us lessons that are needed to be learned to move forward. Without dwelling on past, focus on future, focus on your growth and what’s meant to be will always find it’s way to you. So don’t stress out! 🤗


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