What does it mean…?
That you have such a hold on me,
That I can trace remnants of you in everything,
The way I laugh, the way I close my eyes when I first look up at the moon,
Or the way I see your reflection in all the windows I pass,
I wonder,
What it means…
Better off all alone, I know,
But you’re here now,
So keep me company a little while longer,
You fall back into me, a grip too tight,
I can’t breathe,
I can’t keep drowning on…with you,
What does it mean…
There you are again,
In the reflection of the water,
I’m reaching for you, I swear!
But, you slip away every time,
Dive deeper,
I wonder what it means as I fall further and further,
I swear I feel you,
So tight, I can’t…breath…
Such a strong hold on me…
Who do you need more?

14 thoughts on “reflections

  1. postcardfromlifelately says:

    In love, I found out, there’s no point in aslking too much questions, or thinking too much, or dwell on things… In love you have to go with the flow, and it’s scary, and unvcertain, and you will have doubts, and moments of panic… but love is love! It’s inexplicable! ❤

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