I’m no Cinderella

I’m no Cinderella,
But it would be nice to be saved by a prince
We would dance and sway to the music only we could hear,
My slipper would stay on well past midnight,
If he was in the right kind of mood,
Because we all know it’s so much better in heels,
Sexy and vulnerable,
But that’s neither here nor there,
Wonderland and Magic Kingdom,
Come and come again…
Filled with its own sensuality,
I feed off both,

No Cinderella,
But I’ll be damned if I let my fairytale rewrite itself,
Because there is something special about the classics,
Something to learn and take,
And I have no problem taking and taking,
As long as I get that fairy tale ending.

21 thoughts on “I’m no Cinderella

  1. davidjhopcroft says:

    There is something rather pleasant about having the luxury to read and enjoy the work of others, especially those more skilled with the pen than I. The idea of using a character from a tale and then reworking it for expression of emotions really is quite enchanting and appealing.

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