Nothing loving about the raw passion you’ve ignited in me,
Love me harder than you ever have before,
I need to feel the weight of you every time my lungs expand,

When my sighs and whimpers turn into moans and cries and gasps,
Because I feel you so deep inside me that it shakes me to the core.
Your eyes locked onto mine,
There’s nothing better than the feel of you and me, of you in me.
The way our love binds and connects in the most intimate way,

The feel of nothing but you, body and soul,
There’s more to the breathlessness and moans and shutters than you know…
God…to feel you buried, cursing and hands shaking,
My pussy dripping at the very thought,
Aching with this need that keeps me carving your body and mind,
Grinding into you until all I can feel is you against me,
Sweat dripping, aggression pouring into every thrusts and cry,
Nothing better than this,
That raw aggression,
Making us want each other in that primal, fuck it outta me way.

28 thoughts on “primal

  1. faithalone63 says:

    You have lost me as a follower since i read primal. I thought you were better than degrading yourself . You have dignity and value, but not like this.


    • awriterssoulblog says:

      of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but there’s nothing wrong with expressing myself this way. And I still have plenty of value, dignity, respect and love for myself, not my fault you feel uncomfortable with that.


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