We’re good, feeling ourselves,
Alright and in this moment,
You and me.
The sky changes and darkens into the purple tones of calm,
And it’s those nights that make me fall in love.

It’s those eyes,
The way they look at me when I glance over,
The slight shift in our stances,
Letting us know we can take on any storm,
Anything at all,

So how do we know this is it?

We’re good, we’re great, amazing,
And then,
Something shifts,
And we’re together,
But standing on different sides,
And I’m never sure who got us here again,
Never sure how we sparked this all-consuming fire.

Lost in the faded smoke of our anger,
The battle had its causality,
But here we are,
Standing together
Under a red and orange sky,
Gripping each other in the blurred lines,
And we find ourselves again.


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