one by one

Fall in line,
Watch us fall in sync and right back out,
You should see your face,One by one,
The way it opens up to t
e unexpected and anticipated,
One by one,
I watch the faces fall,
In line, out of sync,
But all with the same expression,
Put your cigarette out on me slowly,
Let the burn settle before you pretend to realize what you’ve done.
I’ll watch and wait,
Knowing you let everyone see the evidence,And watching your face fall in disbelief when I spit in it,
Right back at you;
I breathe that second hand smoke in,
Only to blow it into your eyes,
And laughing when they water,
But that isn’t me,
No matter how I try to make it be,
Too intoxicated to aim it,
I’ll settle for the blurred vision,
And sloppy apology kisses,
Waiting until it doesn’t make sense,
And for you to fall in my line,
One by one,
Face after face.


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