Tales of The Bent & Broken

We met again at the bottom of the ocean,
Doom and gloom,
All that romantic bullshit waiting for us in those murky waters,
Because what’s love with adversity?
Without hate and torture and beautiful endings from all that pain?
I’ll tell you,
Its life,
Not a movie with a happy ending,
Not a romantic story you pass down generation to generations,
It’s a mess.
Wrecking balls and demolition,
Catastrophes and misfortune
With moments of joy and laughter in between,
But don’t let me stop you from sinking,
We all love the fall.

We met again, at the bottom of some abyss,
Filled with death and heartbreak
But it’s only fitting for lovers like us,
Brought together by ill timing and poor judgments,
Caught in the lust and the forbidden,
Afflictions of temptation I suppose…
What is it this time?
What purpose do we serve at the bottom of this glass?
Of this dark, endless, façade…
I can’t keep meeting you here,
Life has grown far too daunting to continue this game,
And this curse of love lost its appeal that third time around long ago.

So here we are,
Not knowing where to surface,
How to break this sick go around,
But I know someone will give,
It’s only a matter of time until the last heart shatters,
Leaving pieces to jagged and scattered to scrap back together,
So meet me that last time,
And we’ll see who comes out bent, (and so close to breaking).


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