each time i find you

Each time I find you,
You seem further out of reach,
Crawling, begging, crying, I reach and reach,
Yet your hand always grazes just out of reach…
Endlessly searching,
It seems to be all we have left of each other,
Seems to be the only thing that ties us together,
Because we know,

We know we’ll find our way back to each other,

But at what cost,
Because each journey, each harrowing,
It takes a piece of my heart,
A section of my soul,
And I’m afraid I’ll never recover those,
And who’s to say how you’ll come out the other side?
Will you be the boy I fell in love with, jaded?
Or will you be another entirely?
Each time I found you,
Something changes,
Something shifts,
And here we go again…
Where are you hiding now?


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