to the ones who broke my heart

To the girl who broke my heart,
Thank you?
I wish I could say it helped me to grow,
To be a better person and all that bullshit,
But I can’t,
Because I will always remember the wrongs over the right,
The bad over the good times, even though I know you weren’t truly bad for me.
But we were both kids in love and foolishly thought we were the exception.
At least life had the good sense to prove us both wrong.

To the man who broke my body and ruined the ways I would learn to love,

Fuck you.

I wish I could leave it at that,
But my wounded pride won’t let me,
Because as much as I claim my heart was broken and love was lost,
I know my pride and ego took the worst of it,
Because if a man like you has the nerve to screw me in all these fucked up ways,
What will happen when the right one breaks my heart?

To the man who said those healing words and touched my heart,
Then took…used me for everything I had left,
I should have seen it coming.
You were too good, too perfect for me,
All the right things, every touch that sent sparks to my heart,
And blinders to my head,
I let your version of love damage me in irreplaceable ways,
And yet, I still find myself defending your twisted love when pushed into a corner,
If only to make myself not seem like such a victim.
Some days even pretending you never happened to me.

To the man that fell in love with me despite everything,
I love you so much.
In ways you don’t even know,
Because I could never tell you exactly all the ways that you make me better,
Make this love everything I want to be,, to have, for you, for me, for us…
There have been ups and downs; lowest of the lows and highs we still smile about even though so much time has passed,
And I wouldn’t change it for anything,
Because good things come to those who wait and endure life as she comes.
We both found each other when we needed it most,
And love blossomed in the most fucked and beautiful way.

So thank you,
To everyone who came before,
Because now I can say I have become who I needed to be,
Grown and learned the wrongs and rights,
And it lead me to you,
I found you and love you in all the beautiful ways there are.


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