wandering eyes & sensitive hearts

Wandering eyes and sensitive hearts,
Always collide under summer stars and blue skies,
When the world is at it’s peak,
Full of life and love and magic and those unexplainable sensations,
That make you wonder why you can’t trap them for future use.
Your wandering eyes were looking for a new adventure,
A conquest to claim as your biggest and best yet,
You could tell I needed the excitement,
Wandering eyes cling to those they can entice.

So when my wandering eyes caught your,
I felt the anticipation build,
We let is soar,
But I couldn’t see your heart at the time,
Thinking it was a runaway,
Healing from a crack in its broken foundation,
Because we all experience that part of life when we least expect it.

My sensitive heart is not weak like you first thought,
She feels greatly, and endures every trial and tribulation,
But that does not make her weak,
She struggles, yes, but she always makes it out on top,
Whether it be her own opinion or not.

So I let your eyes capture me,
Take me for an adventure I’d never forget,
But know hearts like my mine never forget a face,
And your eyes are forever engraved in this beating heart,
That’s not buried at the bottom of a starlit lake,
Under that blue sky and summer stars.
Captured in a single defining moment of weakness.


11 thoughts on “wandering eyes & sensitive hearts

  1. The Graphite Syringe says:

    I can certainly relate to this one. I really appreciate the openness and honesty in your writing. It helps me see an additional perspective to some of the same thoughts and feelings I’ve had.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marysa Writes says:

    Just want to say real quick, that I am a seriously huge fan of your work, and have been. I believe I’ve read every poem you’ve posted after spending large amounts of time binging your work, and have so far never missed an upload since. With that being said, I just wanted to thank you for even checking out/following my work. Every time you like one of my posts, it shocks me because I’m such a fan of your work, haha. I hope you continue, and I’ll continue to follow 🙂


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